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We started Strobe Silk because... despite the 7-layer skincare routine and hair products we were using, we were waking up without that glowy skin and had way too many hair strands on our pillowcase. 

When we discovered the benefits of 100% mulberry silk, we knew it was the missing piece to our beauty rituals.

We wanted to share that with you.  Strobe Silk promises you the very best silk out there.  Explore what sets us apart with our non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for sensitive skin silk.

We Care About yOur
Well-being and yOur Future. 

Rituals help you slow down and find peace in the smallest of things.  At Strobe Silk, we believe loving your skin and hair is an integral step to a journey in giving yourself the care you truly deserve.

Strobe Silk was founded by my sister and I, because we were so frustrated with hair breakage and skin creases from using cotton pillowcases. Despite all our haircare and skincare routines, we were not seeing results as we should have been.  So we set out to create the best silk pillowcases and accessories that complete your nightly hair or skincare rituals, delivered to you in a beautiful gift box with our promise of giving you or your loved one, the ultimate beauty sleep ritual. These pieces are crafted with 100% mulberry silk of the highest grade and weight - 22 momme and they are the missing elements to your beauty sleep rituals. 

Strobe Silk is a proud supporter of mental health and honored to partner with The Centre For Addiction and Mental Health. CAMH does groundbreaking research to increase knowledge about addiction and mental health. They also provide expert training to healthcare professionals, as well as providing clinical care to more than 34,000 patients each year. Our vision is to help you sleep better, feel better and help create a brighter future for mental health. With your support 5% of our sales from our Beauty Sleep Ritual set will be donated to CAMH and together we can help create positive changes in so many lives.

We limit our impact by reducing, recycling and donating items that can’t be sold. We use sustainable packaging that is recyclable and compostable.  We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and we will do all we reasonably can to minimize our impact and create a better planet for us all.

We’re Small But Loving.
We’re always working on growing, learning, standing for change and speaking up for those who are affected. We’re committed to honoring our core values of equality, inclusivity, sustainability and giving back to the community.  These make up Strobe Silk’s DNA.

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